About Us

Law at a click is a blog created by Oluwatosin Famakinwa (Nee Phillips), a double first class law graduate (University of Ibadan and Nigerian Law School) and an astute commercial lawyer with several years of experience from one of the best law firms in Nigeria. Tosin created this blog to provide information on aspects of the law that are useful for everyday life. Through this blog, Tosin decided to provide all the knowledge of the law which she gathered through much sweat and hard work over 6 years in the university and law school, and 3 years as a practicing commercial lawyer at no cost to the public, because she believed strongly that ignorance of simple principles was hampering the progress of several people.

Tosin was called to be with the Lord on the 15th June 2015, but her blog lives on to continue her passion for the law, her legacy of helping others and ensuring that indeed, people do not perish for lack of knowledge.

Law at a Click is where Tosin’s wide network of friends in the legal profession have come together to continue Tosin’s passion for making the law accessible to everyone to continue the good work that she started. At Law at a Click, we shall continue to inform Nigerians and the world at large, about aspects of the law that will be useful for daily life. Expect to read about commercial law, human rights law and don’t forget to ask questions on the law where you need clarification. Articles are updated after review at least once every month.

You can also be a contributor to Law at a Click by sending your easy-to-read legal article to lawataclick@gmail.com on business law, human rights law, or other aspects of the law that you think will be useful for everyone to know.

Thank you!


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